Companies hiring union iron workers are members of the IronWorker Employers Association (IWEA). The results of this partnership have seen collaborative efforts in the construction of some of the most recognizable buildings in western Pennsylvania. Following is a recap of the important mission of the IWEA, and how this partnership provides important benefits:

  1. To collect and disseminate pertinent information on all Ironworker topics to Association Members.
  2. To promote the Ironworking Industry through partnering relationships with other Associations and Building Trades Unions both local and national.
  3. To provide a forum wherein problems and opinions regarding the Ironworking Industry may be discussed and such resolutions adopted or action taken which the Association deems is in its best interest regarding promotion of the industry and protection of the Association’s interest.
  4. To establish and maintain a set of fair and equitable standards governing the relations between Association Members and their respective employees.

To learn more about the IronWorker Employers Association, visit www.iwea.org.

IronWorker Employers
Association of WPA, Inc.

Foster Plaza #9
750 Holiday Drive
Suite 615
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Ph: (412) 922-6855
Fx: (412) 922-6856
Email: iwea@iwea.org
Website: www.iwea.org