Our History

Next time you walk or drive across a bridge; attend a sporting event, theatre performance, or concert; or just admire the beauty of the city skyline, thank an Iron Worker. More than a century of building bridges, stadiums, arenas, offices, and high-rises has provided us with a collection of structures that have helped to create great memories and winning moments for all of us.

Founded in 1896, the Iron Workers Local Union No. 3 has always known Pittsburgh as home to its growing organization, now with over 1,800 members. The original intent of this organization was to provide the workers with health care, benefits, and a systemized wage rate that ensures our partners an honest day’s work while guaranteeing an honest day’s pay for the workers. Over the past 100 years, we have evolved into a centralized training operation that cares for our members. Iron Workers have proudly been a part of your community’s past, are most definitely a part of the present, and are working on building the future.

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